Whats the difference between having my car valeted and detailed?

Valeting includes mainly cleaning your car, its bodywork and paintwork to the best condition atainable in a short space of time along with a vacuum and hand polish (if applicable).

Detailing is a professional service we provide to return your car to as close to showroom condition as possible. You may require swirl marks and/or scratches to be removed from your paintwork often to provide the best finish for a special occasion. You may simply want your car more thoroughly detailed if you do not have the time or know how yourself.

Why choose to have my car detailed?

Having your vehicle detailed means protecting your paintwork against lots of elements such as bird droppings, salt, tar, grit, tree sap and UV light. After removing dirt, tar and other contaminants we can machine polish your vehicle over one or more stages to eliminate swirl marks and scratches. After the machine polishing stage, wax or ceramic coating are applied to give protection and to add a deep gloss to the paint work.

How expensive is Detailing?

Our prices for Detailing are a guide and vary according to the condition and size of your vehicle. We can provide you with a quote for any work you require, this is valid for one month.
The price is based on the number of hours required to carry out the Detailing process.
We want to provde a competitive price balanced out with offering a excellent level of service and finish that you will be delighted with.